The BAZ Difference

We treat each initiative from the perspective of “What would we want to understand and do if this was our environment and our money on the table?”.  This ensures that we are well aligned with our clients and our custom solutions are uniquely designed to meet their technology and business objectives.

Digging in and becoming an integral part of our clients’ IT, Accounting, and Procurement teams, we start with a very detailed gathering of technical requirements and a review /analysis of the technologies and services that could fulfill them. In addition, in every step of the telecommunications management process, we work to inform our clients and help them weigh the relative importance of broader issues that influence overall value.

That is the BAZ Difference and it is simple. We fit all of the pieces together to improve our clients’ communications network while managing the costs of these vital assets.

Our History

Telecom ServicesFounded in 1993 by Molly Zraik, the BAZ Group was established to provide independent telecommunications audit and optimization services.  From the outset, technology was changing rapidly and under Molly’s keen eye and understanding of the industry, The BAZ Group quickly increased its portfolio of consulting services and expanding its pool of talent to include some of the best and brightest industry experts.  Soon The BAZ team was helping companies – from Fortune 500 to smaller organizations – manage their telecom needs with a full-service approach.

Today, The BAZ Group provides a full suite of communications technology consulting and management offerings. Yet, we haven’t strayed far from our roots. From IP-Tel and landline to wireless and mobility, our people and processes still reflect that unique industry understanding. Our clients rely on us to be leaders and to deliver on ever-changing best practices that were core to our foundation so many years ago and still provide outstanding value today.

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