Unfinished Business and IT Integration in the Retail Sector
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Unfinished Business and IT Integration in the Retail Sector

Trouble in the Retail Sector

Ride Aid announced yet another recent bankruptcy. No surprise in the already beleaguered retail sector. Meanwhile, other retailers find themselves “on hold” awaiting approval for mega-mergers and economies of scale needed in the digital economy. Add in recent bankruptcy and closings at Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, David’s Bridal, Belk, Guitar Center, Stein Mart, GNC, Brooks Brothers, and many others and the pandemic looks to truly be a game changer for the industry as a whole.  All of these difficulties will bring IT integration issues to the table.

The Motley Fool and the CFO crowd are better suited to discuss the reasons for closures or mega-mergers in the retail marketplace. Esoteric examination of the “why and how” aside, there is one thing that is certain. When the merger, bankruptcy, acquisition or even closure “shoe drops”, the moving pieces and parts can quickly overwhelm existing staff, and nowhere is that more evident than in an organization’s IT department.

Get to Work IT Department!

Think about it. IT is on the front line of every process associated with closing, merging, acquiring/opening, or selling a location or facility. The IT team must integrate – or even “dis-integrate” – every aspect of the digital and communications footprint. They manage tasks like adding or terminating employee network accounts and purchasing or selling hardware. Additionally, they re-configure back-office systems and are responsible for adjusting telecom services up or down. This is in addition to their daily responsibilities of keeping users connected, content, and maintaining the functionality of back-office systems.

Help with the Administrative Heavy Lifting

The IT integration / dis-integration process can be a real source of nightmares. Especially when it comes to Telecom.

Services over purchased or purchased outside of corporate standards, services left behind at closed locations, services not-ordered at new locations, services billing outside of master contracts, cell phones in drawers, improperly applied early-termination fees, overly generous installation fees, IT has seen it all happen.  This is where a professional telecom project manager and auditor can make a profound difference when navigating everything involved with merging, downsizing, or closing a brand.

BAZ can help.

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