Communications technology services require a well-defined, well-designed technology backbone and infrastructure.  Procuring these services requires a high level of technical understanding and experience with the rapidly changing landscape. Yet, oftentimes even the most savvy of organizations find themselves purchasing telecom services in a one-off – rather than holistic – environment.

Need a service. Contract a service. Need a device, contract a device.

In so many areas of an organization, one-off procurement is fine to fulfill an immediate need for a simple purchase.  Yet, telecom purchases are not as simple as they may first appear. One small, unplanned change to your environment can have far-reaching implications in cost, functionality, flexibility and integration with your other systems. That is why clients’ turn to the BAZ Group.

Our comprehensive telecom procurement process starts with an understanding of where you are, and where you need to be. We then design each phase of the path forward to ensure that all of the objectives are met – from the fulfilment of your immediate needs to the long-term support of your environment.

In short, from environment design and architecture, the competitive sourcing and selection process, to the physical procurement and implementation, we take a complete approach to your telecom procurement initiatives.

The end result? Ensuring that you receive maximum value from your procurement initiatives with the end-result of top-notch architecture designed to support your organization’s communication needs for today and into the future.

Intuitive, front-end procurement management services include

  • Creation of technical designs and specifications
  • Development of competitive sourcing documents
  • RFP and Bid process management
  • Bid response analysis and review
  • Vendor screening and selection recommendation
  • Vendor Contract negotiation for maximum leverage

Procurement of communication services and hardware solutions include

  • Network, Hosted and Managed Services
  • LAN, WAN, Wireless Access Hardware & Maintenance
  • Unified Communications and IP-Tel architectures and services
  • Mobile Device & Plan selection
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