Municipal Government Saves 15% By Removing Waste
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Municipal Government Saves 15% By Removing Waste

The Opportunity

A large urban county government called BAZ to audit their communications technology services and end user support model. This was in preparation for migration to a modern phone system. They knew they needed more detail about their telecom environment before the phone upgrade. However, they had no idea how much clutter had accumulated in their bills since their last telecom audit. If this municipal government saves monthly expense that would help offset the cost of the new phone system too.

The Solution

We followed our proven audit process to itemize every telecom and data circuit, determined where each was installed, and for what it was used. The audit identified facilities with significantly more services than needed. This was due to personnel relocations and abandoned services that were active but not connected to any personnel or facility.  Over time services were not monitored accurately for their viability.

BAZ consultants also worked with the county to examine their end user support model to determine the root of the problem. Various departments each had some responsibility for telecom services causing internal silos without clear communication channels. This led to a lack of oversight and waste in their communication technology services.  This was in the form of redundant and unused services that were never formally disconnected with the carrier.


The audit generated a 15% reduction in monthly bills along with a redesigned process to close the gap between the siloed departments and the end users. These savings helped them be more efficient with taxpayer dollars and set the stage for a successful migration and effective ongoing management of their new telecom platform.  By engaging an external professional to review and audit all services as well as processes, this municipal government saves on monthly cost and streamlines communication.  This is better for the staff stress levels and taxpayer value.

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