Carrier Audit = Cost Savings and Stable Network to Online Retailer
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Carrier Audit = Cost Savings and Stable Network to Online Retailer

Audit Generates 33% Cost Savings and Network Stability for Online Retailer 


An online shoe retailer wanted cost savings and a stable network.  They were losing sales due to network reliability issues.  They had made significant changes to their network; however, incomplete work and poor documentation was impacting service.  With BAZ’s expertise they achieved significant cost savings as they optimized their network’s performance. 


BAZ Group started with their proven audit process to understand the current environment and document all services in an accurate inventory. During this rigorous assessment BAZ found significant configuration and design errors. Our team then identified the root causes of the network and data center issues at the HQ, stores and offshore contact center and led the client’s vendors in correcting the problems.  

BAZ Group found that by renegotiating with the current provider, savings could be maximized, and disruption minimized resulting in a robust network without the disruption of switching carriers. In addition, we right sized the voice network, enhanced the data center disaster recovery plan, and removed unneeded circuits and services.  This led to significant cost savings and a more stable network.


The client placed primary value on the stability we brought to their network environment.  They have since relied upon us as a trusted advisor to provide expert strategies and lead communications technology change initiatives. 

As we stabilized the network, we also generated 33% annual savings by: 

  • Disconnecting unused circuits 
  • Reduced the quantity of SIP trunks by 50% 
  • Renegotiated carrier contracts to reduce voice rates by 65% 
  • Reduced cost of fixed wireless service by 32% 
  • Removed outdated and unused voice circuits 
  • Training Accounting staff on how to review carrier invoices. 


Partnering with a professional consultant can bring many benefits to a client beyond cost savings.  Taking a wholistic view of all aspects of a network as a part of comprehensive carrier audit can help identify critical issues and minimize future troubles.  This might include carrier relationships, nonfunctioning redundancy, poor customer experience, or issues with compliance.  Bringing in a specialist like The BAZ Group will help to tame your network chaos as well as provide savings directly to the bottom line.

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