We understand that keeping track of telecom line inventories and services can really be a challenge. Your team is busy, and recordkeeping always seems to take a backseat to the business of keeping your telecom system running.  Yet, whether you have ten lines of service or thousands, knowing exactly how they are being used within your organization and understanding the alternatives just makes sense. That is why many clients’ rely on BAZ.

BAZ sets the standard for making sure our clients’ understandings of their service inventories are accurate and most of all complete.  How?  From tracking services and lines you currently have in place and identifying any lines you are no longer using, to understanding what in the inventory could be subject to cost reduction measures, BAZ quickly provides our clients’ with the accurate and complete information and recommendations you need to make the right decisions.  All without overwhelming your internal resources!

In short, our proven Service Audit & Network Optimization program assures that you have the cost-effective services your organization needs, while ensuring that you are not paying for lines and services that you don’t.

BAZ Service Audits and Network Optimization Services include:

  • Identifying and addressing process issues within the organization to determine how to maintain an accurate, up to date inventory that is optimized on an ongoing basis.
  • Identification of all active, in-service lines & circuits, their purposes, and features
  • Identification of unused or displaced lines and services
  • Identification of lines and services that could be replaced with more cost effective alternatives
  • MAC-D (move, add, change, disconnect) order services to correct issues and errors found throughout the audit and optimization process
  • A comprehensive inventory of all lines and services available   – 24/7-  through our industry-leading bazView portal that includes on-demand inventory reporting that is downloadable in a variety of formats that allow you to import directly into your system
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