When it comes to Telecom, one thing is certain.  Telecom bills are confusing and more often than not they  contain errors. Many times, significant errors.  Murky assessments, weird taxes and fees, sudden application of tariff rates, usage charges, service calls, and activation fees all add up to one thing – a clouded view of your telecom costs.

Unfortunately, getting these problems fixed yourself – or questions answered about the charges – can be a nightmare. It is simply the nature of many carrier billing systems and processes. Engaging customer service representatives, pulling at the threads of service costs not billing to your contracted rates to get to the bottom line, and asking questions to get to the heart of your telecom expenses takes valuable time and resources away from your business.

That is why many top companies engage BAZ. We understand the telecom landscape, we know the providers, and we know how to engage them to get the best outcome.

Our Audit and Optimization service is designed to reduce clients’ cost, validate inventory, and organize their billing and services to provide the highest visibility.  From improper charges to unnecessary components, we take an end-to end approach to bill audits and cost optimizations. In fact, our experts are continuously reviewing thousands of bills each year to remove improper charges and unnecessary services, identify re-contracting opportunities, and pinpoint and correct billing issues quickly and accurately.

Our results?  Millions of dollars removed from or refunded to our clients’ bottom lines.

Our BAZ Bill Audit Services include:

  • Uncovering of trends and unusual variances
  • Detailed analysis of contracts and spend
  • Identification of billing errors including tariff, fees, and contracted services
  • Ordering, tracking and securing retro-active refunds

BAZ Cost Optimization Services include:

  • Identification of billing components which are not necessary and can be removed
  • Recommendations for services that are not competitively priced that can be re-contracted for at a lower cost
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