When it comes to telecommunications technical design and specification, competitive bidding, bid analysis, and contract negotiation, many organizations look to their IT and procurement departments to generate the right solution. Like most technology, telecom design and procurement is complex. With the myriad of choices available, it becomes difficult for even the most well informed team to ensure they are taking the right steps and making the right choices to reach the right results and outcomes.

Often, to validate telecom architecture and design, organizations turn to their trusted telecom services vendors. Unfortunately, IT and Procurement soon find themselves at the mercy of these very vendors who have their own agenda. The goal? Sell more services, more software, or more hardware – no matter what.  That is why our clients’ turn to the BAZ Group.

As a vendor-independent organization, our experienced professionals start by working with IT and Procurement to understand your needs, goals, and objectives. With an eye to today’s technologies as well as those that we see in the future, our design recommendations and procurement processes take an end-to-end approach that is service-efficient, scaleable, and best of all – cost effective.

In the end, our design and procurement offering for LAN, WAN, wireless, IP-Tel and data services and equipment enables our clients to secure cost competitive top-notch architectures and ensure maximum value for your telecom procurement initiatives.

Typical design and procurement projects services include:

  • Collaborative creation of technical designs
  • Crafting of technical specifications
  • Development of formalized Requests for Proposals
  • Competitive bid process management
  • Bid response analysis & recommendations
  • Vendor screening and selection recommendations
  • Vendor contract negotiation for maximum leverage & value

Procurement of communication services and hardware solutions include:

  • Network, Hosted and Managed Services
  • LAN, WAN, Wireless Access Hardware and Maintenance
  • Unified Communications and IP-Tel systems and services
  • Mobile and Mobility devices and plans
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