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Founded in 1931 as the Brush Beryllium Company, Materion learned early on that making a real difference required getting others to think differently.  Today, Materion’s products – optics, engineered metals, ceramics, and alloys – are found everywhere; in cars, in computers, in spacecraft, even at the edge of the universe onboard the Hubble Telescope.  This dynamic business requires robust, reliable and cost effective communications technology.  That is why Materion turned to The BAZ Group to make a real difference in the way their wireline, wireless, and communication services are procured, managed and deployed to support Materion’s environment today and into the future.

In 1999, Materion engaged The BAZ Group to review their telecom environment and provide an Audit and Optimization project that resulted in $470k in annual savings and the discovery of $200k of one-time credits.  In 2001 BAZ began ongoing TEM services which include processing of telecom invoices, managing MAC activity, maintaining inventory of lines & services, and managing all telecom contract life-cycles.  Today, BAZ supports Materion’s continuous agenda of project initiatives for new network services, network upgrades, vendor changes, and contract strategy & negotiation.

We keep Materion effectively connected and communicating; and that makes all the difference.

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