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Relationships and Connections

Every industry has its challenges, its victories and thought leaders.  Uncovering solutions, developing and refining best practices and even making the right connections are essential to staying at the forefront.  This is why The BAZ Group connects with our peers, our customers and our friends through a variety of business and industry organizations.

From board positions, speaking engagements, and hosting gatherings, to sounding board and round table participation, we don’t just join, we actively engage.  Here are a few that we are truly passionate about:

Society of Communications Technology Consultants International, Inc. (SCTC)

Founded in 1976, The SCTC is a non-profit organization that offers communications technology solutions through a professional network of experienced, thoroughly vetted, vendor independent consultants who impact more than $641 million in technology spend annually.

BAZ Group consultants serve as a part of the SCTC Speakers’ Bureau, participate in round table events, and serve on its Board of Directors.
Society of Communications Technology Consultants

Consultant Liaison Programs

Formed by communication technology manufacturers and service providers, Consultant Liaison Programs (CLPs) allow real-world insight into new products, emerging technologies, and trends.  These groups allow us to provide feedback and help drive the innovation while giving us access to the key people that allow us to secure best-in-class solutions for our customers’ success.

BAZ Group employees are actively engaged in over fifty Consultant Liaison programs to keep our customers connected and on the leading-edge of best-practices.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council (ORV~WBC)

Founded in 1997, the WBENC is the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the United States. With eleven regional partner offices focusing on leadership, certification, education, business development, WBENC sets the gold-standard for woman-owned businesses today.

ORV~WBC serves as the Regional Partner for Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky based, WBENC certified organizations.

The BAZ Group is a WBENC Certified WBE and leads the Toledo-area WBE Forum to promote woman-owned businesses in the region.

Womens Business Enterprise National Council

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