5 Signs of an Effective Wireless TEM Solution

With so many options to manage your organization’s wireless telecom expenses – internally, using a tool, or engaging a consultant – it can be difficult to know whether or not your chosen solution is effective.

Here are five signs that your wireless telecom expenses (TEM) are being well managed:

1. A full audit was performed at the outset to ensure that the organization is receiving all contracted discounts and credits and that there are no inactive devices inflating your expense (no more “phones in a drawer”)

It is surprising the number of inactive (“zero-usage”) devices organizations pay for each month. This can easily inflate your costs by 10% or more annually. If your TEM doesn’t identify these devices – and continue to identify them month over month – you are likely leaving operational dollars on the table.

2. You have a complete and accurate inventory data including users, devices, numbers, etc. maintained by a team of experts (freeing up your staff)

Let’s face it. There is always more work “to do” than your IT and Procurement teams can handle in a day. Unfortunately, that means that managing data always seems to fall by the wayside. If you have to manage your TEM Inventories each month, it is a guarantee that the “day to day” work will overwhelm the accuracy of your inventory.

3. Ongoing device monitoring for international and domestic as well as data usage is provided to safeguard from sharp increases (no surprises!)

You shouldn’t find out that your Vice President of Marketing traveled to Ireland or that Alex in shipping has gone over the data allowance after your wireless phone bill arrives. Active and routine monitoring of your wireless plans and devices – prior to monthly billing – is vital to containing and managing costs.

4. Mobile device procurement and distribution services within established user guidelines are available that don’t require vendor intervention.

Procuring and distributing mobile devices to your employees can be a time consuming process.

              • If you leave it to the employees, you might find that policies can be confusing for what is authorized, vendors can push add-ons, and device set-up can open the door to network security concerns.
              • If you procure and release the devices through an internal centralized-procurement process, the additional overhead to manage this program can affect productivity leading to increases to the budgetary bottom line.

A strong Wireless TEM solution includes procurement in an environment that follows your established policy, doesn’t rely on the vendor or employee to make the right choices, and ensures that distribution is seamless and easy without increasing overhead to unmanageable levels.

5. Monthly invoice processing and management services to keep billings clean.

No question, vendor billings can be confusing. Even when billings are “clean”, rates and services can suddenly spike and change due to confusing vendor practices. A strong TEM solution offers seamless invoice processing and management – integrating IT, Procurement, and Accounting – to ensure a constant, consistent monthly review that keeps your telecom costs truly managed and not just paid.

There is no question, wireless TEM is important and choosing the right solution or method of managing these devices and costs is vital to the bottom line. If your internal resources are overwhelmed or your TEM tool seems inefficient, consider engaging a third-party, independent TEM Consultant. The time, energy, and cost savings are truly worth it.

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